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Disability Tax Benefits for the Autistic

Autism affects one in thousand people around the world and some six million people around the world are autistic and this has led the Canadian government to take note and offer disability tax benefits to the autistic people in Canada. Those having this condition find it really difficult to communicate and interact socially and this can seriously hamper an individual’s progress. In fact, most autistic people simply cannot live independently and have to rely on someone. Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise’s hugely popular 1988 film Rainman has led many to fall for the misconception that autistic people have savant skills. This isn’t true and the case portrayed in the movie is not necessarily the rule. The disorder affects the information processing capacity of the brain and has its characteristic symptoms. It affects interaction between the nerve cells and synapses.
The disorder starts early, in childhood and can rapidly progress with newer symptoms showing up as the child grows. If the right mental conditioning and behavioral treatment are given at the early age, then the person will have some level of social interaction abilities in adulthood. Otherwise, people find it impossible to live and become dependent. Social interaction is really affected by the disorder. Those suffering from autism simply cannot perceive social interactions and social stimuli normally as those with normal neural development can. They do not respond to social stimuli as a normal person would and they misinterpret or do not interpret social stimuli.
Communication is also a problem for the autistic. They babble unintelligibly and have problems forming sentences and conveying messages through speech. About thirty-percent of those suffering from the disorder don’t even have basic communication abilities to enable them to live their daily lives and they can’t even comprehend properly when spoken to; Repetitive behavior is also characteristic of the disorder. Autistic Children suffering have been known to indulge in ritualistic behavior and arrange toys and things in long straight lines. The autistic patients are resistant to change and insist on sameness and cannot tolerate changes around them, like for instance the arrangement of furniture. In some cases, they have also been known to inflict injury upon themselves. The lifelong treatment for the disorder and its negative impact on the lifestyle of the patients can get stressful and expensive.
Fortunately, help is at hand for those dealing with the disorder. The Canada Disability Corporation can help the autistic get disability tax benefits from the government in order to offset the disadvantage they face as a result of their inherent disability. Visit the website to find out more about applying for disability tax credits.

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“As a family we must express our deepest thanks to you for helping us claim our disability tax rebate. Your expertise and professionalism made the procedure ever so simple and understandable. I will recommend you too many!”

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“CDTS has changed the life for both my child and I. Raising a child with autism is not easy and can be very expensive. With my current income, I could not afford some of the courses, and workshops necessary to educate myself on my son’s disability. But with the help and professionalism of CDTS, I was able to get the money I needed to help educate myself on my son’s disability and put him in programs that help develop his skills. “

Fran E. – Guelph, ON

“I’m going to explain why I am so grateful to the CDTS and all that they have done.“

Being diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, I have been fired from jobs continuously. I didn’t have very much money because of the loss of jobs; I couldn’t sit at my desks for more than twenty minutes without having to go to the bathroom. I was really in a bad situation with nowhere to turn, until someone introduced me to CDTS. With the help of CDTS, I was able to receive the money I deserved and they did everything, they were so professional even though I was embarrassed about my disability, they made me feel as if it was nothing.”

Kate N. – Mississauga, ON

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