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David. N. – Oshawa, ON
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Crohn’s Disease – Disability Benefits

Crohn’s Disease or Irritable Immune disorder affect the gastrointestinal tract and cause inflammation. This is a painful disease since it leads to the erosion of the intestinal lining, causing it to bleed. Symptoms include fever, pain, and fatigue and blood loss. The disease is found in the Northern Latitudes and according ton one research has the highest rate of incidence in Canada. It is an auto immune disease and is known to have no real cure except for some medicines that ease out the symptoms. Doctors also prescribe medication and mineral supplements to help relieve the symptoms temporarily.  It is known to occur due to genetic mutation in some cases. The disease is very similar to ulcerative colitis where people choose to get the colons removed surgically.
Crohn’s disease can significantly impact a normal individual’s life as it makes sitting down in one position difficult. During times of flare up the individual suffers from pain and even distressful conditions like bleeding etc. It leads to nausea, loss of energy and sometimes the patients become steroid dependent. Dietary plans change from liquids to soft foods to no milk products and the like. The pain can lead to terrible flare ups and the patients worry about the next attack every time they are in remission. This is a significantly disabling disease and the Canadian Government has recognized it as one that qualifies for disability entitlements and disability tax benefits.
The process of assessing the medical condition and treating it as a disability requires certain certifications and demonstrable evidences like:

  • The medical illness has to render the person incapable of doing routine life tasks. Severely impact their ability to run an independent lifestyle. The condition has to be present for 12 months or is likely to require more than 12 months for treatment and cure.
  • The process for applying for disability tax benefits is known to most Canadians but there is a lot of fine print in the government plans and rules change every year. The Canadian Disability Tax Specialists helps patients with Crohn’s disease to apply for and obtain disability tax benefits under the rules of the CRA. They use the services of qualified doctors and professional consultants who help the patient or his family members with the paper work and an easy solution to their financial pressures.
  • The CDTS maintains utmost professionalism and safeguards the privacy of its applicants at all times. Their past success rates have ensured that they have a lot of referrals and testimonials from satisfied applicants.
  • The CDTS also helps in registering for RDSP or Registered Disability Savings Plan for their applicants.

CDTS is a professional and humane organization who has the expertise to help make an efficient and effective representation for the Crohn’s Disease Patients and their disability tax credits.

This is just a few of the disabilities that qualify. If you believe that you have a disability fill out the form below to find out if you qualify!
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"I wish everyone could know how CDTS has saved me. Sometimes you don’t believe good things can happen. I was wrong; I had never seen a company do so much for me for so little.

Thank you again and again"

David. N. – Oshawa, ON

“As a family we must express our deepest thanks to you for helping us claim our disability tax rebate. Your expertise and professionalism made the procedure ever so simple and understandable. I will recommend you too many!”

Esther S. – St.Catherines, ON

“CDTS has changed the life for both my child and I. Raising a child with autism is not easy and can be very expensive. With my current income, I could not afford some of the courses, and workshops necessary to educate myself on my son’s disability. But with the help and professionalism of CDTS, I was able to get the money I needed to help educate myself on my son’s disability and put him in programs that help develop his skills. “

Fran E. – Guelph, ON

“I’m going to explain why I am so grateful to the CDTS and all that they have done.“

Being diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, I have been fired from jobs continuously. I didn’t have very much money because of the loss of jobs; I couldn’t sit at my desks for more than twenty minutes without having to go to the bathroom. I was really in a bad situation with nowhere to turn, until someone introduced me to CDTS. With the help of CDTS, I was able to receive the money I deserved and they did everything, they were so professional even though I was embarrassed about my disability, they made me feel as if it was nothing.”

Kate N. – Mississauga, ON

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