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Can You Get Disability Tax Benefits For Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that manifests itself in the form of fits or convulsions in a person. The severity of these episodes varies from one individual to another. While patients with mild fits can lead close to normal lives, there is always a danger of the condition getting worse and causing convulsions that sometimes result unconsciousness. Since the person has no control over when an episode is likely to occur, there is always the risk of getting injured if it occurs in situations where the person’s life is at risk. There are three types of epileptic conditions. The first – symptomatic – is caused due to a neurological condition. The second – cryptogenic – is caused by brain damage. While the third – idiopathic – is the most severe, the cause of which cannot be diagnosed and hence symptoms cannot be controlled.

A person who is diagnosed with epilepsy has recurrent fits which require treatment so as to prevent damage to the person’s physical health. Treatment usually involves taking anti epileptic medication but these have certain side effects that could affect the person’s physical or mental state. Common side effects include nausea, a sense of disorientation, moodiness and lack of concentration. These symptoms can have a negative effect on how a person behaves at his workplace or in society. In the case of a person suffering from idiopathic symptoms, he may find it difficult to work at a regular job due to the uncertainty of when an episode could occur. This is why the Canadian Government offers disability tax benefits to persons suffering from epileptic fits.

There are several financial benefits that a person with epilepsy can get through disability benefits. However, unless someone spends time researching the various options, the person may not get what he if fully entitled to receive. Since the expenses due to medication, treatment, hospitalization in case of severe episodes, and the inability to hold a job will make it difficult to make ends meet, it is best to use the services of an expert or specialist who has years of experience and knowledge about the various benefits. The Canadian Disability Tax Specialists offers services to persons who suffer from disabilities, making it easier for them to access the benefits that they are entitled for. All you have to do is fill up an online request form with details of your condition and a qualified professional from their team of experts will research the various disability tax credits available to you and advise you on how to apply for them.

This is just a few of the disabilities that qualify. If you believe that you have a disability fill out the form below to find out if you qualify!
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"I wish everyone could know how CDTS has saved me. Sometimes you don’t believe good things can happen. I was wrong; I had never seen a company do so much for me for so little.

Thank you again and again"

David. N. – Oshawa, ON

“As a family we must express our deepest thanks to you for helping us claim our disability tax rebate. Your expertise and professionalism made the procedure ever so simple and understandable. I will recommend you too many!”

Esther S. – St.Catherines, ON

“CDTS has changed the life for both my child and I. Raising a child with autism is not easy and can be very expensive. With my current income, I could not afford some of the courses, and workshops necessary to educate myself on my son’s disability. But with the help and professionalism of CDTS, I was able to get the money I needed to help educate myself on my son’s disability and put him in programs that help develop his skills. “

Fran E. – Guelph, ON

“I’m going to explain why I am so grateful to the CDTS and all that they have done.“

Being diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, I have been fired from jobs continuously. I didn’t have very much money because of the loss of jobs; I couldn’t sit at my desks for more than twenty minutes without having to go to the bathroom. I was really in a bad situation with nowhere to turn, until someone introduced me to CDTS. With the help of CDTS, I was able to receive the money I deserved and they did everything, they were so professional even though I was embarrassed about my disability, they made me feel as if it was nothing.”

Kate N. – Mississauga, ON

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